Considerations to Take When Installing a Fencing System for Your Home and if You Have Pets

As of today, over forty million homeowners own at least one pet. Owning a pet can really bring tons of joy to the lives of people. However, it also needs proper care and responsibility, which is why experts suggest that you need to install a fence around your property if you’re a pet owner in order to keep them safe at all times. 

Aside from that, one aspect of being a fur-parent is making sure that they will be getting enough physical activities aside from keeping them safe. Installing a fence around your property is only one of the many options in order to help make it much easier to reach these goals. If you’re still in the deciding process whether to put up a fence or not, then you came to the right place. Below, you will find out why installing a fence around your property is best for your dogs and learn what considerations you should take before installing one. 

Invisible or Physical Fence 

One of the very first decisions you’ll need to come up is regarding with the fence type that you want to use for your property. While a lot of people would initially think about the wood or chain link fence which is technically called as the physical fence, there is actually another very popular option which is perfect for pets. 

Invisible fencing systems operate with the use of a cable which is buried below the ground and this will make signal and act like a boundary. It will then link to your pet’s collar and once the collar’s transponder passes the cable’s boundary, it will then create a warning sound. When there’s certain neighborhood regulations which prevents physical fence installation in your subdivision, then this kind of fence is extremely helpful. 

Attaching Your Fence to Your House 

Whether you want your fence system attached to your home or not is a big personal preference. When talking about vinyl siding, chances are the more holes you make in your siding, then the more you’ll most likely have insects at home, not to mention moisture will possibly infiltrate your house beneath the vinyl. Furthermore, some builders will also argue that you must sink your last post of the fence at least one foot away from the house inside your property and then allow its panel to overlap right on the final post. When your house is built of brick materials and your fencing system is made of wood, then it’s also possible for you to drill 4 holes into the corresponding holes and post into your home’s masonry. You’ll then want to have the posts secured to your house using lag bolts. 

Whether you’re an experienced fence repair or installation service provider, it’s still highly advised that you contact a professional for all the materials you need in order to build the best fence for your commercial or residential property. Fortunately, professional fence installation experts such as fence companies Tampa can be able to answer all your questions about fence installation and repair services.